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Prepared by Toka Walden, Spotswood United Premier Coach.

Tuesday Night Touch

Each Tuesday at 6pm, Field 3 (above Sports Taranaki).
This week Tuesday night touch rugby got underway. I was absolutely stoked with the turnout with players from Colts, Division and Premiers fronting. The attached photo shows that it was a stunning evening and 24 players showed up. Awesome guys and I hope we can bring other players along next week to begin to build a club culture that we will be all proud of. Kia kaha koutou.

Strength and Conditioning Training Programmes

All players from all afternoon grades whether playing amateur, professional or social rugby need to be working out in the gym. Rugby is a physical and demanding on the body so we all need to put in the hard yards to reduce the risk of getting injured. Prior to Xmas I put out training programmes from Josh Cooper from REDEMPTION GYM as many players that were on the teams app from 2023. If you do not have a training programme and a gym to go to please contact us so that I can assist (Toka 027 2771102). Now is the time to pump some iron, grab a mate and get on with it. The more effort you put into your training during pre-season the benefits will be much greater during the season.

Club Trainings

Our Club trainings twice per week for the 2024 season will begin on Tuesday 16 February 6pm on Field 4. Players need to be organising with their employers and families to make sure you are all free to train twice a week. We can only turn this club around if we all buy in to this so that results for our respective competitions will have all grades competing in the top 4 if not higher. The competition for 2024 kicks off on Saturday 13 April with a home game against Inglewood.

Colts Recruitment

The Club focus now is to get a Colts team up and running for the 2024 season. If we can achieve this that will be a momentous achievement and as a whole club we should celebrate that. However we all have a role to play to make this happen. We all have networks in our whanau, community, schools and other places around Taranaki to try and bring U21 players into our club. You, our supporters, ex-players and all committee members in the Spotswood United Club can help with recruitment. Lets not wait until the season starts, Now is the time to get players along and enjoy the journey as a club.

Any players wanting to play colts this year, please get in touch and we will pass you’re information onto the coaches.

Toka Walden

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