Maurice Jones Memorial Shield

Maurice and the Jones Family have been a large part of Spotswood Old Boys and Spotswood United. We as a club are very proud of our History, and due to this we have re-introducing the ‘Maurice Jones Memorial Shield’ in 2015 that was last played for in 1987.

Maurice Jones, while playing for Spotswood Old Boys against Clifton on No. 1 at Yarrow Stadium, tragically died during the match in 1986. Each year we will honour Maurice and his contribution that he made to Spotswood and Taranaki Rugby by playing for the Maurice Jones Memorial Shield. The Shield will be up for grabs at Spotswood United Premier’s first Home game against Clifton each year. The Maurice Jones Memorial Shield will always remain in the Spotswood United clubrooms.


1986  Spotswood Old Boys RFC (vs Pirates – Rotorua)
1987  Spotswood Old Boys RFC (vs Pirates – Rotorua)

The Maurice Jones Shield re-introduced in 2015, and is played for on the first Spotswood United Premier home game vs Clifton.

2015  Spotswood United

2016  –

2017  Spotswood United (33 – 25)

2018  Clifton (34 – 19)

2019  Spotswood United (46 – 27)

2020 Not played for due to Covid-19



Thank you to the family that have shared their articles, photos and memories of Maurice.

Maurice Jones Memorial Shield