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You may have seen the news released 17 March 2020 about the postponement of club rugby nationwide. We are working with Taranaki Rugby over the next few days after learning this and will keep you all up-to-date as we have any further information.

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Below is the initial statement from New Zealand Rugby.


New Zealand Rugby Statement: COVID-19 Club Rugby participation in New Zealand

17 MARCH 2020

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) has decided to postpone all club and community rugby until Saturday, 18 April, effective immediately.
The postponement includes all rugby matches. Non-contact training activities can continue at least in the short term while we continue to monitor the situation with the Ministry of Health.

All team-based activity will be adapted to comply with the limits the Ministry has set. This includes minimising person-to-person contact and maintaining hygiene standards including not sharing drink bottles, washing hands and regularly cleaning rugby equipment.

It is a difficult decision for our organisation to make but it is important that we do this in the interests of the health of all rugby participants.
The well-being of our players, coaches, referees, volunteers, supporters and the wider New Zealand community is our top priority. And, while this will be disappointing for many, postponing rugby, for the time being, is in everyone’s best interests.

Rugby plays an important role in New Zealand communities and at this time of uncertainty, the postponement of rugby matches allows everyone to pause, and take care of themselves and their whanau. It also gives the Provincial Unions and local competition organisers the opportunity to regroup, reschedule and determine how they can deliver meaningful competition when rugby resumes.

School rugby and in most cases junior club rugby competitions start in early May and are therefore unaffected by the postponement at this stage.
Given the situation with COVID-19 is constantly changing we continue to ask everyone involved in rugby to support one another and follow the official government guidelines, and we will also be reviewing activity daily bases on this advice

For more information on COVID-19 and official government guidelines please visit

What you need to know:

  • All rugby matches are postponed until Saturday, 18 April
  • At this stage, full-contact training can resume from Monday, 13 April
  • Non-contact training activities can continue with sensible hygiene protocols observed
  • Use personal water bottles – don’t share with others
  • Ensure rugby equipment is regularly cleaned
  • Maintaining fitness is encouraged
  • Registering for rugby can continue online
  • Coach, referee and education activities can continue within the Ministry of Health guidelines
  • Stay at home if you are feeling unwell
  • Regularly wash hands
  • School and junior club rugby commence after 18 April so are not included in this postponement
  • Follow the Ministry of Health Guidelines:
  • Do what is best for you and your communities to keep them safe and healthy

We endeavour to get you all information as it comes to hand, however, if you have any concerns or comments, please email us.

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