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Covid Bonds

COVID-19 Bonds

This is a way for anyone to support the club with the option of redeeming your Bonds at the end of a twelve-month period. This was initially set up to assist the club during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak with issues around funding and income.

  • Bonds will cost One Thousand Dollars (NZ$NZ1000).
  • Initially restricted to 20 in number (NZ$20,000)*.
  • A numbered Bond Certificate will be produced and will be inscribed with the purchases name/s (see sample).
  • The Bonds would be available for purchase by Individuals, Couples, Businesses or
    Groups of Individuals.
  • A Bond register will be displayed in the clubrooms and on our website.
  • After a period of twelve months from the date of purchase, a Bondholder can redeem the full value of Bond if so desired.
  • After a Twelve-month period from the start of the Bond Register, a monthly draw of NZ$100 will be made on the last Friday of each month. This will be drawn by way of Bond Number and paid to the Bond Holder. After 12 months the SU Bondholder enjoy the 1 in 20* chance of receiving a 10% return on your investment through the monthly draws.



All Bonds are numbered and each Bond has the same value ($1000).

Duplicate Bond Certificates have been issued for Bonds with more than one purchaser but remain at the one value ($1000).

If duplicate Bond Certificates have been issued for any one numbered Bond, only the numbered Bond Certificate with the club seal will be accepted at redemption .

Bonds are redeemable for their full value after a period of twelve months from the date of purchase.

One calendar months’ notice of intention to redeem the Bond is required.

The numbered Bond Certificate with the Club Seal must be produced if a request is made to redeem that Bond.

Although redeemable after twelve months, the full benefit to the club would be for the Bond to remain current and for the Bondholder/s to enjoy the chance of a 10% return on their investment in the club (as below).

On the last Friday of April 2021 all Bond numbers will go into a draw for $100 to be paid to the Bondholder.

These draws will continue on the last Friday of each month thereafter for as long as there are ten or more Bonds current.

Bond Certificates are a receipt for a financial transaction so please keep secure.

* Once all sold and there is sufficient support more bonds could be added on the instruction of the Spotswood United Executive Committee