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Spotswood United club issue the following statement in relation to the incident that unfolded at Sanders Park on June 1.

Spotswood United club is a club that has shown massive progression in community participation and support in recent years and we are not happy about or condone the events that took place on that day.

There has been much speculation about what happened on June 1 and it has been very difficult for all parties involved to conclusively determine exactly the individuals at fault due to a lack of conclusive evidence.

Those cited as a result of this incident from Spotswood United have now been through a thorough process which lead to a further review by way of appeal and that has now been completed. Those individuals had the right to a fair and just process and the club wish to thank the excellent services of club legal representative Jacob Bourke, for ensuring that occurred. The result being that those individuals have had their sanctions quashed.

This is a unique experience for us as a club, and I would suggest the TRFU also, but when an individual is requested to stand before a judiciary committee the process must reflect the rights of that individual.

The club are respectful for the thorough process the TRFU have led throughout and remain committed to a strong competitive Taranaki club rugby competition.

Spotswood United have a long and respected history with Tukapa Rugby Club and wish for that to continue long into the future.

We now look forward to moving on from this incident in a positive and respectful manner and ask our members and supporters to take this on board when attending the remaining games this season.

Tony Standen
Spotswood United Chairman

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