star-photo-archiveCLUB RUGBY • NEW PLYMOUTH

sob-photo-archiveAfter celebrating 125 years of rugby in 2014, the club looks forward to further improving our facilities and player base in 2015.

Two of the clubs main priorities will be fielding a team in the Colts competition and undertaking improvements to our facilities which will include an archives/gear room and external painting .

surfc-photo-archiveIn 2015 it is most important the club continues the momentum built in 2014 and with the support of our family of Sponsors we will continue to offer our membership top facilities and also an atmosphere at home games at the Dog Pound that will continue to be the envy of other clubs.

Our financial results were improved with an increase in supporters due to our team performance and results, our 125th activities and by the fantastic season our representative team achieved with the significant contribution of Spotswood United players. This all contributed to an increase in clubroom patronage up to the end of October.

The club looks to progress further in 2015 with ongoing support of all our members, players, supporters and most importantly our sponsors. The progress in the results from our teams will be watched with interest with the ultimate goal of a Premier title not beyond the group of players we are planning to represent the club in 2015

The club was again thankful to sponsors who supported the club at all levels in 2014 and invite your participation to allow us to again achieve our sponsorship goals.

Club Rugby is the lifeblood of Taranaki rugby. It is the breeding ground for first class talent in our province. Each season over 5000 players take to the rugby field with a swag of coaches, administrators and managers working hard off the field to make the grassroots competitions a success.